Practice Areas

Aquino Clinical Services, Inc. provides innovative culturally competent clinical services in response to the needs of the clients we serve.

We work proactively to understand and address the mental health concerns of culturally and ethically diverse clients. We are committed to on-going needs assessment and program evaluation to ensure that our services are accessible and welcoming. In doing so, we build hope and improve lives.

We provide confidential psychological services and strive to provide these services in an atmosphere that is welcoming, comfortable and multi-culturally sensitive for all clients. Counseling services are offered via telehealth counseling. Immigration report services are offered in person and via telehealth.

We offer counseling services regardless of gender, race, religion, ethnicity or sexual orientation.

Immigration Reports

We provide quality immigration reports for those applying for a Hardship Waiver, UVISA, VAWA, and Deportation Prevention.

Adult Psychotherapy

Counseling services are offered for individuals, couples, and family.

Telehealth Counseling

We offer confidential counseling in a secure setting. For more information, give us a call to discuss your need.